05 May 2018


SInCACI – Intelligent Systems for Industrial Control, Acquisition and Communication [2009-2012]

My Role:Reseacher.
Host institutions: University of Coimbra (UC), and Acontrol;
Financing: “Mais Centro Operacional Program”, financed by “European Regional Development Fund” (ERDF), and “Agência de Inovação” (AdI);
Reference number: SInCACI31202009

Abstract: The objectives and scope of the project are performing R&D on intelligent control and decision methods; Development of a general-purpose Fuzzy Control System (FCS); On-line process control and monitoring; Controller specification and implementation; Visualization of the process state; Devicesprocess failure reports; Direct application to industry problems; Research computational intelligence techniques for the development of soft sensors for industrial application; R&D on industrial communication and processing modules: industrial distributed real-time communication fieldbus protocols: ControlNet, EthernetIP, DeviceNet; ProfiNet. Relevant properties to industrial fieldbuses: Real-time operation, Reliability, Deterministic, Error-proof, Easy to extend and maintain. Direct application to industry problems; Selling on market.

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