04 Jul 2018


SIICEI – Intelligent System for Identification of Electrical Loads in Industrial Equipment [2018-Present]

My Role: Team Member.
Host institutions: University of Coimbra (UC); OnControl Technologies, Lda (leader partner); Advanced Home, Lda.
Financing: co-financing by “Portugal 2020” (PT2020), in the framework of the “Centro Region Operational Programme” (CENTRO 2020), and by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Reference number: SIICEI/2017/33338.

Abstract: The SIICEI project has the main goal of research and development of an electrical loads separation and identification system for industrial applications, and subsequent processing, for energy consumption and operation monitoring. The system to be developed shall allow the energy consumption profile identification of each electrically-powered equipment (charge), in real-time, using computational intelligence and signal processing methodologies, and using only the electrical energy signals only at the industrial installations energy input. So, with a reduced investment and quick installation it is possible to identify the energy consumption, measure equipment operation periods, and also, drive new applications of the gathered data.
The paradigm shift that the consortium shall realize allows monitoring of several equipment performance metrics (consumption, operation period, durability, to name a few) as well as the quick and automatic equipment failure detection. The real implementation of the results of this project shall result in the increase of the energy and productivity efficiency of industrial units. In an early phase the technology shall be validated in small to medium sized industrial units, which, typically possess the bare minimum of technology in their production lines.

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