04 Jul 2018


CONNECTA-X – Interoperable System and Modules for Appliance Integration in Intelligent Home Ecosystems [2018-Present]

My Role: Team Member.
Host institutions: University of Coimbra (UC); Critical Software, SA (leader partner)
Financing: co-financing by “Portugal 2020” (PT2020), in the framework of the “Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Programme” (COMPETE 2020), and by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF);
Reference number: CONNECTA-X/2017/33354.

Abstract: The CONNECTA-X project performed R&D on interoperable system and modules for integration of appliances in intelligent homes; including R&D on themonitoring integration of “Internet of Things” (IoT) and Smart Meters and aims to develop a structure for the embedded market, a platform for communication, gathering, and treatment of data in the computational intelligence and monitoring device monitoring domains, that should support the development of new added-value products and services on the IoT and Smartt Meters domain.
Recently, we have been watching processing technology and connectivity integration with all those everyday things, making them a part of our lives. This reality, created the IoT concept, in which the number of smart objects have been dramatically increasing over time. However, there still exists some barriers that have a negative impact on IoT market spread and maturity. Essentially, they are related to interoperability, and/or high costs and longer design and production times.
On another level, we have “smart” concepts like smart grids, smart cities, smart homes, smart meters, etc., which dissemination has been increasing fast. More efficiency, interoperability between systems, connectivity have been achive thanks to the interconnection between those objects.
This project was born from the combination of those two realities, IoT and Smart Meters, which are the project basis. CONNECTA-X aims to develop a communication, data collection and processing platform, for computational intelligence and device monitoring, which will support the development of new value-added products and services IoT related. From that platform, a solution for the embedded market, specifically smart home appliances, will be searched and developed. It will allow smart meters and Household appliances communication. This solution will be attractive for consumer appliance manufacturers, thanks to is cost-effective and time-to-market, and it will allow appliances faster conversion into smart appliances, and smart metering network compatible.

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